Wedding Photo Slideshow

This post is more for photographers than clients and contains some advice when creating a wedding photo slideshow for clients.

Wedding Photo Slideshows are requested by some clients and the quality of such a slideshow can actually damage your reputation if not put together properly. I do wedding photography all over the North-West Province from Potchefstroom to Wolmaranstad and Bothaville at various wedding venues and through this I see much of the other wedding photographers work. In general the North-West Province has some great wedding photographers offering a really professional service, but in many cases the one thing that falls short are poorly put together slideshows. I do not generally include a slideshows in packages, but do put them together on request as addition to packages.

So why can a wedding photo slideshow damage your reputation and actually mark you as a bad wedding photographer? No matter how good your wedding photos are, if the slideshow has no life it can become very boring and once people comment on its poor quality then it can cause damage. Consider the following scenario: Two people are discussing wedding photographers… They have 2 of the best wedding photographers in mind who have the similar packages and quality, but one shows a poor slideshow on their website and the other just a gallery of the best photos; which do you think will get the higher regard from these people?

If you cannot put together a great slideshow, then rather do not put one together at all and keep to photo galleries. Simple slideshows showing just a photo slowly panning, tilting or zooming with fading back and forth gets boring quickly. Bring life to your slideshows if you want your clients to be impressed.

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