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Wedding of Quintin and Angelique

Wedding venue: Bergvallei Estates

Engagement Photo Shoot

On Saturday 23 September I had the privilege to do an engagement photo shoot for Quintin and Angelique.  The session was arranged by Quintin sister, Claudine whose wedding photos I did earlier this year.  It was an amazing day and I am very happy with the photos we got.  They make such a lovely couple and their wedding day will be magical.

Photo shoot done in Klerksdorp

Drone Video and Photography

As a photographer living in Klerksdorp, it is natural to also do photography of places in around my town.  A few years ago I started exploring the possibility of bringing Drone Photography into my business for some aerial views one cannot readily obtain using another craft such as a helicopter or aeroplane.  Here is such an example where I photographed the Klerksdorp City Hall a while back.  Though this shot would be possible if one set up some high scaffolding it is not something one would readily, or cheaply, be able to do.  Drones have opened up a whole new world of photography.


I also have a YouTube Channel on which you can see, amongst many others, some of the things I do with my drones:


Over-Exposure and Midday Sun

Midday sun is the type of light every photographer fears. It is avoided most often as it creates very harsh and contrasty images. But there are times when a photographer simply cannot avoid shooting in harsh midday sunlight. The photographer must make a decision which parts of the image to sacrifice to over-exposure and which elements need to expose correctly to reveal a pleasing image.
The most important thing for a photographer to remember is to keep an eye on the important elements and try their best to ignore the rest. Here is an example where I had to capture some pre-ceremony photos of the bride in harsh sunlight in the Kalahari and I decided the her face was first priority and dress second. There are parts of this images which are completely over-exposed, but in the end the important parts are what matter.

Over-Editing Photos

Editing is a choice made by the photographer and therefore completely up to their personal taste. Many photographers and many schools of photography will teach you that over-editing is bad and results in bad images, but that may not always be the case. Over-editing is a choice and if the client of the photographer likes that kind of editing then no matter how much the greater photography fraternity screams and shouts, the resulting images are accepted by those clients and the photographer will be happy. It is very much like death metal music, it is not everyone’s cup of tea, yet it does not go away just because the majority of the music industry does not subscribe to that style.
Even I, when the mood strikes me and I come across the right image, will do an over-the-top over-edit (normal edit is always included as well).


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