Super Wide Panorama

I was contracted by a company to do some industrial photography of a work site where they we constructing a diamond sorting tower for a mining company. One of the requirements was to get a photograph of the construction warehouse and grounds. When I got up to the tower I soon realised that the whole warehouse and work area immediately in front of the warehouse would not fit into a standard photo, even with a wide lens. I did not want to lose detail in the image so I resorted to taking 14 photos using a tripod which I later stitched together to create a super wide panorama image. The only downside to creating such super wide panorama images from a high angle (the tower was over 30 meters tall!) is that the horizon would curve, but that was OK with me, and the client. The resulting image turned out pretty good. You can click on the image to view the full size image, but be warned, it is 15Mb in size.

Click for High Resolution Image (WARNING – 15Mb in size)

Image is copyright, Riaan Roux Photography (all rights reserved)

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