Outdoor Bridal Make-Up

Carla having make-up done outdoors

As a wedding photographer I get to see make-up artists of all kinds using their own techniques to achieve great results in bridal make-up. Most make-up artists will do the make-up in the bridal suite under the existing lights, but a few prefer different light, such as outdoors. I recently again experienced a wedding photo shoot where the make-up artist did the brides’ make-up outdoors, and the results were fantastic.

I got to thinking about this and dug through some older photos to confirm my theory that outdoor make-up gives better results. The make-up artist picks a spot with some shade and goes to work in an open and comfortable environment where they can move all around the bride and check the colours and shades of the make-up under real daylight conditions. The bride will be spending quite some time outdoors and especially during the couple shoot the bridal couple will often be outdoors, so the colour and shading of the make-up becomes fairly important. This is not only because there is more light outside but also has to do with the colour temperature of light (see: Color Temperature on Wikipedia) and a make-up artist who can work outdoors or under lighting which provides the same colour temperature and intensity will achieve better results.

I am not saying that all brides should insist on outdoor make-up, but it is something to consider when having your make-up done.

Carla Wedding Make-up

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