Matric Farewell 2013 Photo Shoots

This years Matrics Farewells were just amazing. I know this is something I say every year, but it seems to just get a little better every year. I did Matric Farewell Photos from Potchefstroom, through Klerksdorp and onto Orkney with some great couples. I even met a few new Matric Farewell Photographers, but in the rush of this you don’t always get to chat and just swap business cards and contact them via email or a call later.

I don think Matric Farewell Photography is being taken seriously enough though. Looking at Matric Farewell photos from all over the North-West province I am a little disappointed by some of the work. I feel there are too many fly by night photographers (providing shoddy photos) who charge exorbitant fees during Matric Farewell season as they know that there is usually a shortage of photographers and many of the cheap photographers are all booked out. I am not saying one should get the cheap photographers or the expensive one, but I really suggest people check up on the photographers work before hiring. I may not be the best photographer in South Africa or even the North-West Province, but I do believe in providing a professional product of which not only I can be proud of, but also my clients. Matric Farewell is like a mini wedding and something which happens once in a lifetime, and if the photos are messed up they can never be repeated in the same way.

Here are a few sample of the Matric Farewell Shoots I did for 2013 (follow the links to see more of the couples photos)

WJ & Nicole (Potchefstroom – Shot on location at Makojalo Opstal)

More Photos of WJ & Nicole

Kimboney & Heinrich (Klerksdorp)

More Photos of Kimboney & Heinrich

Shené & Phillip (Orkney)

More Photos of Shené & Phillip

Tasha & Tyler (Shot in Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp)

More Photos of Tasha & Tyler

Jehlé & Duncan (Klerksdorp)

More Photos of Jehlé & Duncan

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