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Would you like to learn about photography… for free?

I am Riaan Roux, and I am a Full Time Professional Photographer with a many of years of experience from Product Photography, stock photography, studio and portraits, model photography and even weddings.  I want to teach those who are new to photography how to improve their skill and how to make their photos just that much better, and I want to provide this free of charge for as long as I can.

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Learn Photography for Free

So many new photographers have told that they have attended workshops about beginner photography, and they often come out of these feeling more confused and with more questions than when they went in.  Often these beginner photography courses force beginners to learn technical concepts like shutter, aperture and ISO and hammer on “the exposure triangle”, rule of thirds, focal length and inverse square law of light fall-off…and and and…and people become confused and feel as if they are standing at the foot of a mountain that they are ill equipped to climb.

Though these technical concepts are important in the long run, I feel that these are not what beginners need.

Photography is about capturing an image and learning how to make that image interesting so that the image tells its own story.  Capturing an image in such a way that whoever looks at it knows what it is the photographer wants them to see.  Learning to get only the important bits into an image and avoid unintentional clutter.  Develop that photographers’ eye that can see an image before you even pick up the camera to snap the shot.

I am not going to start from the beginning with a set series of videos in which I want to force you to follow what every other photography course follows.  I want you, as a beginner photographer, to ask me what you want to know, and I will create videos as answers explain what you need to know. 

Here is your opportunity as a beginner photographer to ask me what YOU really want to know.

Ask your questions in the comments section of my YouTube Channel (see video above) and I will try to get to your answer as best I can. Ask away…