How many edited Wedding Photos?

There are many opinions and debates surrounding the editing of photos and what actually constitutes “editing.” I used to refer to “adjustment” and “editing” as separate mechanisms, but now refer to any change in the original image as “editing.”

Many, if not most, wedding photographers will set up wedding packages with a certain number of photos assigned to each package. Irrespective of the number of photos taken by the photographer, the client will only be issued with these photos in an edited form. I have chosen a different route and set up my packages based on time spent at the wedding. I supply every possible photo to the client unless the photo was an absolute disaster. The beauty in any photo finally lies with the client, and not the view or opinion of the photographer. I edit every photo that I take to my client instead of just supplying the minimum expected. On average I will supply 800-1200 edited photos per wedding.

As an additional bonus I edited specific photos with extra copies which have a different look and editing style to accompany the original. This gives the customer the choice of which of the copies they prefer to have reprinted from their DVD photo disk. The DVD photo disk contains high resolution copies of each photo, and since the original sizes are so large I may provide 3 or more disks.

Photo editing in different stylesIn the example photo is a series of photos as I would supply on a disk. The original (on the left of the series) is complimented by two or more enhanced edit copies. The choice of which photo is preferred is now left to the client, and not the photographer. Many photographers will only supply the edited copies and the client is forced to accept the editing style the photographer has chosen for the photo. In the case of the example photo the original is slightly adjusted for colour-balance and exposure, then a copy is made for further editing. Once edited I may feel I would like to re-edit another copy of the original for a different look. This process may repeat itself again for more copies, but the original and all edits are always included.

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