Capturing Lasting Moments

I am Riaan Roux; welcome to my world.

When you choose a photographer for your wedding, you are looking for more than someone to snap pictures. You are looking for someone with an eye for beauty, for capturing the most meaningful moments of the most important day of your life. You want to ensure you can remember these magical moments for the rest of your life.

Many photographers just walk around with their camera, with a flash just thrown on top of it, or even a pop-up flash! Just snapping some photos to get the job done so they can go home with their check. That’s not me. I truly want to crystallize the most breath-taking moments of your special day in beautiful, expertly shot photographs, so you can reminisce and share these moments long into the future.

I am an experienced photographer who understands the flow, and most important moments in a wedding, as well as the science and art of photography, allowing me to be in the right place, at the right time, with the best angle, at every moment in your wedding. I work with natural lighting, to truly capture the entirety of each moment, or off-camera flashes when needed, to create stunning, magazine-style images.

I believe in preserving your special moments with the highest quality photographs. I help my clients to strike the most perfect poses to highlight their beauty entirely, while maintaining an element of spontaneity, ease, and a beautiful natural look.

I want to be the one there to capture the moments that will last a lifetime. Call now to book me for your upcoming wedding. I look forward to working with you!

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