Family Photos – Ivan, Ruandi & Xavier

Every now and again you get those special photoshoots which just looks extra special. Last week I had a family photoshoot in studio with Ivan, Ruandi and six month old Xavier. Xavier is their first baby and he has as great a personality as on-camera looks. He was calm the whole time and enjoyed all the attention he was getting during his baby shoot.

The first part of the shoot was a straight-forward baby shoot. Babies tend to get a little impatient after about 20 minutes of shooting them alone, so I try to get it over as soon as possible, but it was an absolute pleasure with this little boy. He was fascinated by the whole experience and would look all over the room at all the shiny things and white walls of the studio. The flashes didn’t bother him in the least and during the entire session I only got one photo of him with eyes closed. You need to keep your eye on babies when doing photography with flashes and as soon as they have blinked you take your shot. Most babies are unlikely to close their eyes again unless your flashes are set too high. I usually do not set my flashes to more than 1/4th power to prevent flash reflex of their sensitive eyes. Many people believe flashes are harmful to babies eyes, but this is untrue.

After Xaviers’ baby shoot I did a couple with mom and then some with dad and completed the set with the whole family. It is important to come up with easy poses in which the little one always feels like it is just a game. Seating mom and dad with their backs to each other and the little one between them on the front always gets a couple of interesting looks as the little one will look over his shoulder at mom and then dad. A few tickles and this becomes a lovely game to them in which you will grab some amazing shots. The clicking of the camera may also get you one or two of those “wondering” looks which adds to cuteness!

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