Drone Video and Photography

As a photographer living in Klerksdorp, it is natural to also do photography of places in around my town.  A few years ago I started exploring the possibility of bringing Drone Photography into my business for some aerial views one cannot readily obtain using another craft such as a helicopter or aeroplane.  Here is such an example where I photographed the Klerksdorp City Hall a while back.  Though this shot would be possible if one set up some high scaffolding it is not something one would readily, or cheaply, be able to do.  Drones have opened up a whole new world of photography.


I also have a YouTube Channel on which you can see, amongst many others, some of the things I do with my drones: https://www.youtube.com/riaanroux



Few images ever look their best Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC), and often they need a little tweaking in some form or other. The level of change applied to the colour, contrast, tones as well as addition or deletions of parts of an image is editing. Choice of editing depends on the taste and style of the photographer. I like to keep images real so that the en result is believable without looking obviously edited. The resulting images sometimes have a person wondering if any editing was done, so here is an example of a before and after image. When viewed on its own, the resulting image, had you not seen the “before” image, would look quite realistic with no editing.

BEFORE Editing

AFTER Editing

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