About Website

The New Website!

Yes, it is a new website for a new year!

The website has been completely redone using WordPress and kept as simple an accessible as possible to make it easier for you to get the information you need without fancy things that slow down the site and make it difficult to navigate.

To quote Albert Einstein, “Make things as simple as possible, and no simpler!” Well, here you have it, a simple, fast and easy to use website where you can interact, see what I do and get in touch with me.

I decided on a blog as the front page as it gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and work directly with you and will also give you the opportunity to comment. I waded through many other photography site and found some pretty awesome ones out there, but I found the following problems with many:

1. Too fancy and complex – Visitors have to wait too long for things like flash and huge graphics to load.
2. Many website are so complex you find it hard to contact the photographer, or even find a phone number!
3. Very few photographers allow you the opportunity to interact with them and their work.

The above criteria was the base for the design of this new site. So take a look around and post comments if you like! Visit every now and then as I will be posting thoughts, ideas and updates to my work every now and again.

Have a great day!