Black and White Versus Colour

I love Black & White Photos and often get requests to do photos in Black & White, but I prefer to provide photos in colour. Why? Because Black & White is a what is commonly referred to as a filter. There are many tools available (many of them free) that can convert a photo to Black & White (apply the Black and White filter) or Sepia or Vintage Tones or many other filter styles. I prefer to stay away from filters when providing photos as once applied you are pretty much stuck with it. If I provide a customer with a great colour photo they can “play with filters” using their favourite software as much as they like. The same goes for fancy frames, writing and any other additions to the photos. I do not want to provide a photo to my customer that they have to accept as is, such as Black and White (even though it may be striking) because it cannot be changed to colour later. This photo is an example of how great Black and White would look, but the colour option is just a good.

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