February 2014

Image Stabilisation and the Sony A55

The Sony A55, besides being a great camera, provides great image stabilisation. Like most modern cameras that employ VR (Vibration Reduction) and IS (Image Stabilisation), the Sony uses “Sensor Shift” image stabilisation in the camera body. This is a serious advantage over brands such as Canon and Nikon which require the owner to purchase specialised lenses to provide the same functionality. Here is a test video demonstrating the image stabilisation of the Sony A55 hand-held while walking. I chose to use video to demonstrate the stabilisation as images cannot convey the power of sensor shift stabilisation in the Sony A55. This same stabilisation is directly translated into your photos, so you get a clear advantage, even using non-VR or IS lenses!

I used to produce videos as well, but gave up that profession in 2006 and now only do photography, but I still employ many of the stabilisation techniques I used in video to capture great photos! If I receive enough requests via comments or emails I will write an article for my blog explaining how to get the best out of your video camera and/or still camera by employing simple stabilisation techniques.