November 2013

Juanita du Plessis in Klerksdorp

On 11 April 2013 I did photography at the show of Juanita du Plessis in the Klerksdorp City Theatre. The theatre was very full and the performance by Juanita du Plessis was outstanding. The lighting by he crew was also really good and in the end I did not even need the two flash units I had set up to the sides of the stage. Here are a couple of the photos I shot for the everning. More photos of Juanita du Plessis show can be found on my Facebook Page

Matric Farewell 2013 Photo Shoots

This years Matrics Farewells were just amazing. I know this is something I say every year, but it seems to just get a little better every year. I did Matric Farewell Photos from Potchefstroom, through Klerksdorp and onto Orkney with some great couples. I even met a few new Matric Farewell Photographers, but in the rush of this you don’t always get to chat and just swap business cards and contact them via email or a call later.

I don think Matric Farewell Photography is being taken seriously enough though. Looking at Matric Farewell photos from all over the North-West province I am a little disappointed by some of the work. I feel there are too many fly by night photographers (providing shoddy photos) who charge exorbitant fees during Matric Farewell season as they know that there is usually a shortage of photographers and many of the cheap photographers are all booked out. I am not saying one should get the cheap photographers or the expensive one, but I really suggest people check up on the photographers work before hiring. I may not be the best photographer in South Africa or even the North-West Province, but I do believe in providing a professional product of which not only I can be proud of, but also my clients. Matric Farewell is like a mini wedding and something which happens once in a lifetime, and if the photos are messed up they can never be repeated in the same way.

Here are a few sample of the Matric Farewell Shoots I did for 2013 (follow the links to see more of the couples photos)

WJ & Nicole (Potchefstroom – Shot on location at Makojalo Opstal)

More Photos of WJ & Nicole

Kimboney & Heinrich (Klerksdorp)

More Photos of Kimboney & Heinrich

Shené & Phillip (Orkney)

More Photos of Shené & Phillip

Tasha & Tyler (Shot in Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp)

More Photos of Tasha & Tyler

Jehlé & Duncan (Klerksdorp)

More Photos of Jehlé & Duncan

Outdoor Lighting in Midday Day Sunlight

1pm midday sun is normally not ideal light for any photo shoot, but you can get away with it by shoot into the sunlight and using powerful flash lighting for the shadow side. I use 2 slight off-set Sony F43AM Flash units at 105mm to get f/11 foreground lighting on the shadow side for Carla’s outdoor pregnancy shoot. The resulting subdued background light makes the background look almost artificial. This shot is straight from camera without any editing.